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Empty the pockets Biker style anni'50, is the conjugation of skilled professional hands. Is studied in detail as all the creations by ArturDesign, but then enters the scene, an original idea, that of the dress itself. Nothing to remove to the other components of the line, but the empty pockets Biker has a special uniform and sewn on the measure. Unique in its genre and definitely appreciable for its evolution, it will be a real attraction in any environment in which it will be exposed.Features:Material: birch wood/ eco leatherWidth: 30 cmDepth: 50 cmHeight: cm 115Tray: 27x 21 cm


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ArturDesign first created at the back of the house, and then he created you!!!A beautiful woman, from the sweet features but at the same time eye-catching.Hardly pass unnoticed my fantastic FIRST LADY.Born as a side table to empty the pockets for the entrance, which can serve for many other uses thanks to the robust structure and to the floor resistant. In a very short space creates decorating focal point of an environment and the support surface.Technical specifications:Material: birch woodWidth: 30 cmDepth: 50 cmHeight: cm 125Tray: cm 27×21


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The port bottles made from ArturDesign is a piece of furniture unique and original, a mix between design and art.When you are in front of it, you understand immediately that it can not be called simply for bottles, a view of its grandeur and personality.In any environment it is placed, the atmosphere it takes a particular taste, and its charm will not go unnoticed.A wine cellar, special for lovers of good wine and especially a piece of furniture to 360°. The tray is large and sturdy, allows you to use it as a support, like a table, and in the lower part delight us with your insert to dispense glasses.Let's not forget his fantastic column, irregular forms, easy to use, but just as secure and sturdy.Can contain from 12 to 8 bottles, simply ask for the specification at the time of purchase.If the color is not to your liking, don't worry, you'll have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colors. material: Wood matt paint lacquer of your choice width: 50 cm depth: 60 cm height: cm 155 tray: cm 46 x 37


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The Port menu designed by our laboratory has been designed to give more visibility to restaurants and public places in general.Placing it outside the room, thanks to its unique and original, it has the merit to attract the attention of passers-by, incuriosendoli.Its entire structure is made completely of birch wood and decorated with paints of high quality, making it durable with the passage of time.The base is weighted to give it more stability, but at the same time you can move and place from one place to another with extreme ease.The table port menus is protected by a plexiglas magnetized by 3 mm, to protect the menu from rain and wind.The port menu signed ArturDesign, occasionally is also perfect for some selfie,to the amusement of passers-by and the customers, thanks to its distinct appearance and professional!What more can I say, apart from that, a menu that is a treat for any local.Wide range of colours to choose from, just ask!NB: IF YOU WANT TO CUSTOMIZE THE MENU, WITH THE UNIFORM AND THE COLORS OF THEIR LOCAL, BEFORE MAKING Your PURCHASE, it IS GOOD to ASK OUR ADVICE.THANKSDelivery time 3/4 weeksArtisan product made in italyFeatures:Material: birch woodPaint: matte and embossedWidth: 50 cmDepth: 60 cmHeight: cm 155Tray: cm 46 x 37


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