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The lab

Who is ArturDesign


ArturDesign is an artisan

laboratory where design discovers new forms



ArturDesign laboratory, based

in central Italy, and more precisely, in a town

in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. Its founder,


Palmuccirecreates since 2002, alternative furnishing

ideas, a mix between art and

design, something unique! If you are looking for furnishing accessories,

with alternative shapes, extravagant and useful in everyday life, then ArturDesign is the online store right for you. Mastery, tradition and

innovation come together


create original products that will give a pinch of extra joy, in your homes, as well as in your premises (restaurants, wine bars, bars, beauty centers, wine bar or hairdressers). What makes me so special? Every


item proposed in my


'shop ' is handmade and with great care. They are items made only on request,

where each step requires attention and total commitment. Fundamentally, design must strike for its


beauty, but that's not enough for me. My ideas must have that characteristic that reflects my way of being: they must be functional.ArturDesign offers you unique products of their kind, refined,

customizable, durable and made with carefully chosen high quality materials. My line of pocket emptier butlers fully represents our mission: to


classic furnishing accessories in an innovative and delightful way. Each of them is marked with serial number, creation date and signature. ArturDesign is an Italian reality, where its founder from body


soul to convey his emotions. Alberto Palmucci

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